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My Little Buddy

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  • Descricao: Ever since me and Bobby broke up, I havenaEUR(TM)t been getting any dick at all and itaEUR(TM)s really taken a toll on me! My grades have gone down and I even got sent to detention! Ugh, all the boys are scared he might beat them

    up if they try to fuck me. So I ordered this really awesome vibrator and was using it in detention because I was so fucking horny. Unfortunately Coach Cummings caught on and confiscated it from me, next thing you know Coach Cummings is deep dicking the shit out of me on the desk in order to get my little buddy back! I donaEUR(TM)t even want it anymore, IaEUR(TM)d rather get fucked and get cummed on by Coach! Fuck Bobby!

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    Holly Tayler

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