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  • Descricao: I took advantage of the considerable presence of beautiful ladies in the nearby shopping center and mobilized my camera. The first notch of today was a very nice lady who showed me her sweet pussy, but then sent me to ... because

    I promised her that I leave the camera off. I could not cheat on you and steel the look at the wonderful pussy from you, so I turned it on! Ouch, what a bad language that was. I was rewarded by a pretty blonde lady whose eyes started to shine as she spotted the quick dough in my hand. She was just on her way back from gym, and she had her teenage daughter and husband waiting for her at home. She thought she'd earn her money easily and quickly, but it was a mistake. I fucked out both of her holes in the bushes behind the bus stop and she obviously enjoyed it eventually. We were just a bit distracted by curious passers-by and her husband, who was trying to call her at least 100 times on her cell phone. Could you understand that? Well, anyway enjoy this part and I hope you'll like it.

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